Full Body Weight Workout

Full Body Weight Workout

Full Body Workout

When you use your bodyweight to do your workouts, you don’t just work out one muscle. You work out many muscles that surround that muscle as well.

Take the pull-up. Sure, this works out the biceps. But it also works out your chest, your back, and your abs, even your butt. You can get an extremely toned body just from doing pull-ups.

A comparable workout in the gym using weights would only work out the biceps. Not only is this less effective, it’s also less natural and less healthy.

A Proven History of Precedence

Looking at a gym today, it’s hard to believe that bodyweight workouts could work. After all, nobody else seems to be doing it.

Yet in reality, some of the toughest and best built people in history used bodyweight workouts.

For example, the old Persian army used to use primarily bodyweight workouts. As depicted in the “300” movie, these people had rock-hard bodies.

Today’s Navy Seals’ also use bodyweight workouts as one of their primary training tools.

Portable, Fast, Easy

Unlike going to the gym, bodyweight workouts can be done from your home. No 30-minute commute, no packing gym clothes and no expensive memberships. You can do them while on the road or on your lunch break.

To make a long story short, if you haven’t explored bodyweight workouts, you may want to look into it. You can build a picture-perfect body using nothing but your body.