Muscle and Workout Recovery

Muscle and Workout Recovery

Muscle and Workout Recovery

One aspect of working out that a lot of bodybuilders don’t spend a lot of time thinking about is recovery. The reality is, your muscles aren’t actually built during the workout. Instead, they’re built when you rest.

If you aren’t waiting long enough between exercising a muscle, you risk injuring that muscle. Also, because the muscle hasn’t had time to fully build muscle tissue from the last workout, you won’t get the maximum gains possible from your workouts.

On the other hand, waiting too long between workouts means you aren’t pushing your body as hard as it could go. That means you won’t see the results you want as quickly.

So how long is a good workout recovery time?

Ideal Workout Recovery: Approximately 36 Hours

Clinical trials have shown that full muscles typically take about 36 hours to fully regain their previous strength. The experiment recorded bodybuilders’ strength and stamina before and after workouts and recorded how long it took bodybuilders to be able to achieve the same level of strength after a workout.

The results of this experiment are consistent with the experiences of experienced bodybuilders. Generally, at least a day and a half of rest is enough to give your muscles the rest they need.