Personalised Meal Plans

What To Expect


After completing the questionnaire below, one of our dietitians will contact you within 24-hours to schedule an appointment.


Initial Consultations:

After completing the online questionnaire prior to your appointment, the dietitian will analyse your responses. During the Skype consultations, we will discuss your medical and lifestyle history and guide you step-by-step with professional and practical nutrition, health and wellness advice tailored to your lifestyle and your individual requirements. The dietitian will then formulate a personalised meal plan according to your needs, and guide you through the process of selecting meals from our delicious range of Healthy Food To You meals. We offer nutritious and delicious meals, and work closely with you to ensure that you achieve your goals and improve your lifestyle in a sustainable and exciting way.

60 Minute Consultation = $120


Review consultations:

Follow-up consultations allow you and the dietitian to keep track of your progress, review your goals, modify the eating plan if needed, and provide ongoing motivation and support. We will answer any questions you may have so that you can improve your health progressively and sustainably. Our ultimate aim is to educate you on how to live a healthy lifestyle full of energy, so that you become confident to live a healthier life and choose the best foods for you on your own.

30 Minute Consultation = $90




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What is a Dietitian?


Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) have the qualifications and skills to provide expert nutrition and dietary advice. They translate everyday healthy eating by translating scientific health and nutrition information into practical advice. APDs are university-qualified professionals that undertake ongoing training and education programs to ensure that they are your most up-to-date and credible source of nutrition information, in line with DAA Professional Standards.

APDs are trained to assess nutritional needs. They also assist people to manage health conditions and diseases using food as Medical Nutrition Therapy. APDs help treat a wide range of conditions including diabetes, heart disease, cancers, gastrointestinal diseases, food allergies, food intolerance’s, disordered eating as well as overweight and obesity. Unlike nutritionists, APD’s are recognised by the Australian Government, Medicare and the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Our Dietitians


Alison Ginn – APD, DAA

Alison 150x150 Personalised Meal Plans

Alison is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian who loves good food and helping people enjoy nutritious meals.  She developed an interest in food at a young age and has worked in hospitality, food service and the nutrition industries. Since achieving B. Sc (Nutrition, Hons I) Alison has six years experience helping people to achieve their dietary goal and knows that making better food choices empowers anyone to be energised and feel healthier. Working in Australia and London UK Alison has provided dietary advice to people with a wide range of dietary preferences. Her special interests are weight management, food intolerances and allergies and long term conditions as well as malnutrition and her dietary advice is tailored to each client’s preference.



Chris Leung  – APD, DAA

c 150x150 Personalised Meal Plans

Chris is an Accredited Practising Dietitian. He completed his master’s degree with high distinction in the major research project that involved in a large research trial comparing conventional weight lost diet with a higher protein, lower fat diet developed by a national science agency in Australia.

In 2009, Chris worked for the Heart Foundation evaluating a project which facilitated incorporation of lifestyle risk factor management in practices of GPs in both metropolitan and rural areas. In last four years, he gained local and overseas experience in providing nutrition and lifestyle consultation, conducted in English and Chinese, to prevent and treat chronic diseases. He has special interest in weight management, physical fitness, heart diseases, and aged care.



Sarah Wells  – APD, DAA


Sarah 150x150 Personalised Meal Plans

Sarah is an accredited practicing dietitian. Sarah completed a my Master of Nutrition and Dietetics degree and a Bachelor of Health Sciences AND Nutrition degree. I am a recognised member of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA). I specialise in providing individualised nutrition assessments and counselling for clients seeking advice for generalised health concerns, chronic disease, underweight/malnourished or overweight/obesity requiring weight management. However, I have a special interest in assisting adults and families to achieve their health goals and making healthy lifestyle choices easy using practical strategies in a respectful and supportive environment.  I look forward to meeting you and assist with achieving your goals.



Lachlan Bryant – APD, DAA    

Lachlan 150x150 Personalised Meal Plans

Lachlan is an accredited practising Sports Dietitian with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science from Deakin University and a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics from Monash University.

Lachlan has experience working across clinical, public health and food service settings and has recently had public health research published. He enjoys all aspects of nutrition and has a keen interest in weight management, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and general nutrition advice for good health or particular life stages.

Lachlan aims to help people achieve their goals and will empower and assist you to make dietary decisions to improve and maintain health and prevent and manage illness and disease



Renae Eastlake – APD, DAA

Elisa 150x150 Personalised Meal Plans

Renae is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and health coach, graduating from the University of Wollongong.

Since graduating she has worked as a clinical Dietitian with experience across a broad range of clinical areas including diabetes, renal, stroke & neurology and cardiology. For the past 4 years she has been working as a health coach, helping her clients to become the best version of themselves.

Her areas of interest include preventative health and wellness, food allergies and intolerances, weight management, sports nutrition and research. She is passionate about staying fit and healthy and enjoys working in a field where she can support others to lead healthier lifestyles.



Elisa Rossimel – APD, DAA

Elisa1 150x150 Personalised Meal Plans

Elisa Rossimel is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with experience working in gyms, in indigenous health, and for community health services. She loves working with people from all walks of life and ensuring advice is best tailored to match each person’s unique lifestyle and motivators. Elisa has additional training in paediatric dietetics and motivational interviewing. She has extensive experience working with chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, and a special interest in helping people achieve and maintain their ideal body composition. Along with her passion for food, Elisa has a passion for exploring and unravelling different cultures and their approaches to food which she loves sharing on her blog Dietitian on a Mission.