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‘Healthy Food To You’ are HACCP accredited.


What is HACCP?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.

The HACCP system is an internationally recognized system used to manage food safety. It has been endorsed by the Codex Alimentarius Commission* as a tool that can be used to systematically identify hazards specific to individual products and processes and describe measures for their control to ensure the safety of fish and fish products. The HACCP system is a dynamic system, capable of accommodating change such as changes in equipment design, processing procedures, and technological advancements.


Good Manufacturing Practices / GMPs (Pre-requisite Programs)

The HACCP system is applied to specific product lines and procedures.

In order for the HACCP Plan to be implemented effectively within the establishment it must be based on a firm foundation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and procedures that effectively control general hazards to food safety.

The general and operational hygiene requirements an AQIS registered establishment must have in place are described in the Export Control (Fish & Fish Products) Orders 2005 and include:


Structural Requirements

Details the requirements that must be met for registration of an establishment for the preparation of fish and fish products for export, including requirements for site, structure, premise, cleaning facilities, amenities, and essential services including control of water supply & waste.