The Underrated Art of Bodyweight Training

The Underrated Art of Bodyweight Training

The Underrated Art of Bodyweight Training

When you think of a body builder, what image comes to your mind? Most likely, you imagine someone in the gym, lifting weights. This is the most common image people have of bodybuilders. It’s also the most common way people try to train their bodies.

Unfortunately, weight-training has some drawbacks.

For one, it’s tough on the joints. Lifting large weights regularly stresses the bones and causes micro-fissures to form. That weakens joints and can eventually turn into more serious health problems.

Furthermore, each weightlifting exercise only works out one muscle group in isolation. This isn’t how the body moves in nature and can cause an imbalance in the body.

What Is Bodyweight Training and Why You Should Care

Bodyweight training is a style of training that uses only your body’s weight.

Think about it. You’re walking around every day with a 130 to 200 pound weight. It’s your body. Every muscle and joint in your body was designed over millions of years in order to move your body.

All other animals in the wild, including our closest ancestors like gorillas, monkeys and apes all have extremely muscular physiques. The only way they work out is through their own bodyweight. When’s the last time you saw a gorilla lifting weights?