When ‘fresh’ is not always best

When ‘fresh’ is not always best

A popular question often asked is “Isn’t fresh food healthier than frozen foods?”

In simple, the answer is ‘No, not always’.

At Healthy Food To You, our meals are air blast frozen at -50°C. This ensures that maximum nutrition has been stored within the foods. Our produce goes from farm to plate in a very short period of time. Fresh food, especially when enjoyed in season, is fantastic, but frozen and canned foods are also suitable – they are convenient and sometimes cheaper (and equally nutritious) alternatives that have a long shelf life if stored properly. In fact, when clients are recommended to eat 5 serves of vegies per day, I tell them 2 things:

1 – Don’t wait until dinner to eat your vegies because it is hard to reach your requirements in one meal, and

2: Eat your vegies raw, cooked, fresh or frozen. Just eat them.

More often than not, there is usually days to weeks to even months between when the produce was picked to when it was both purchased and actually consumed. Frozen foods are frozen within 24-48h of being picked, which means that maximum nutrition is sealed away in each bag of frozen vegetables. This is similar to tinned or canned foods – they can be nutritious and convenient snacks or meals that don’t require defrosting, but it is important to look out for salt and sugar content of these items by checking the food label. The best habit you can get into is draining the tins and rinsing the contents, or choosing tins that say ‘No Added Salt’, ‘Low Salt’ or ‘in Natural Juice’ (not syrup). At Healthy Food To You, all our food products are low in salt, and in addition, have all been portion and calorie controlled, limiting the amounts of sugar and saturated fats in our meals.

Did you know? The method used to cook fruit and vegetables affects the nutritional value of foods? Fruit and vegetables of any type (fresh, frozen, or canned) that are boiled in large amounts of water for a long time lose most of their nutrients as they are leached into the water. The great news is that our ingredients are prepared in ways that maximise their nutritional value, such as steaming, roasting, grilling, and baking.


Written by Katherine Baqleh ADP DAA